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Life happens to all of us.
We can't control that.

We can control how we react to it.
Carmen LeRowé

Carmen LeRowé | Inspirational Coach & Holistic Business Consultant

I am a proud mum of 2 beautiful daughters. In February 2020 my life changed completely when my youngest daughter suddenly passed away. I went through a period of intense grief and wanting to understand my purpose in life. After 3 years of applying a lot of my own teachings, I am in a place where I know my purpose in life, which is to help and inspire others to heal their hearts and live a life from a place of love with purpose.

In my first podcast interview I share my story and also talk about the 3Cs: Connection, Community and Co-Creation. Please click here to listen

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My Services, Skill Set & Approach

  • Holistic Business Services

    • Team/individual topics: leadership, building, creation, change, culture, growth, communication, connection, coaching, burn-out, inspiration

    • Management topics: leadership, coaching, communication, connection, business consulting, burn-out, inspiration

    • Workshops: culture, change, leadership, teambuilding, communication, connection, work/life balance, how to inspire and get inspired

    • Organisational Change & Business Consulting

    • Approach: customised to your specific needs and situation

  • Inspirational Coach

    • Holistic Sustainable Life Coaching topics: personal growth, dealing with trauma, burn-out, work/life balance, healthy lifestyle, finding your purpose

    • Spiritual Guidance & Coaching

    • Always customised and catered to your needs and what is manageable in your current life


  • Skill Set

    • NLP Practitioner, Anthorposophic Family coach, Holistic Massage Teacher, Meditation Guide, Orthomolecular Nutritionist, Human Design, BA Communication, International Business, Cyber Security & Compliance & Organisational Change Business Consultant, Dancer, Speaker, Yogi, Mum, English, Entrepeneur 

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Let's work together


Your journey is uniquely yours, a beautiful unfolding of self-discovery, healing & growth. If you feel called to explore further into your physical, mental & emotional well-being, I invite you to a free discovery session.

Together, we can explore your unique path and unfold each layer with kindness and understanding.

Your story is waiting to be unearthed, and I am here, ready to walk alongside you in every step of this transformative expedition.


Let’s journey together.

Contact me for your
Free Discovery Session

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